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Sprinkle Baby Shower Invitations, What is a Sprinkle Shower?
Celebrate the arrival of a second baby with a sprinkle shower, sip and see or meet and greet shower.
Shop for baby's sprinkle shower party invitations and ideas at Little Angel Announcements.
The first baby had the baby shower and now baby number 2 is on the way. Baby showers are traditionally held for the first child so, what do you do to celebrate another baby? A Baby Sprinkle is a celebration of your pregnancy or to welcome baby number 2 (or 3, 4, etc). It is usually a scaled down version of a baby shower or a simple get together in which guests "sprinkle" the new mom with the little necessities she needs for the new bundle of joy.

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Baby Girl Sprinke Shower Invitation with Pink Umbrella

Shower of Blessings Pink

Baby Boy Sprinkle Shower Invitation with laundry line chalkboard
Bunny Chalkboard Blue Invitation
Blue Cheveron Stripes Chalkboard baby sprinkle shower invitation for a boy
Chevron Chalkboard Baby Blue

sprinkle cupcake in pink and blue
Sweet Cupcake Sprinkle Shower

cupcake sprinkle baby shower invitation
Cupcakes Sprinkle Shower
Pink Chalkboard chevron striped baby shower or baby sprinkle shower invitation for a girl
Chevron Chalkboard Baby



Sprinkle baby Showr Invitation with vintage carriage and pink bow for mommy having a girl
Her Carriage with Pink Bow

Sprinkle shower for second baby with pink umbrella for a girl
Sprinkle Pink Umbrella

Sprinke Shower for a second baby boy in blue and brown with scroll
Ivy League Baby Blue Invitation

Baby Sprinkle Shower Raindrops from Cloud invitation
Shower Cloud Baby Sprinkle


Floral Sprinkle Shower Invitation

Pink Baby Stroller Sprinkle Baby Shower Invitaiton for a girl
Pink stroller Sprinkle


Sprinkle Baby Shower in blue for a second baby celebration

Raindrops Sprinkle Baby Shower Blue

Pink Baby Stroller Sprinkle Baby Shower Invitaiton for a girl
Pink Bassinet Sprinkle Shower
Thank Heaven for Little Boys laundry line baby sprinkle shower invitation for a boy
Thank Heaven for Little Boys


Raindrops Umbrella Sprinkle Shower Invitation Pink
Raindrops Sprinkle Baby Shower Pink


Confetti Heart Sprinkle Shower Blue Invitaiton
Confetti Hearts Blue Sprinkle Shower

Sprinkle shower glitter gold footprints baby invitation

Chevron Chalkboard Glitter Baby Yellow Invitation

chalkboard sprinkle baby shower invitation for a second baby in blue for a boy Onesie Tree baby sprinkle shower invitation for a second baby girl in pink  

Sweet Blue Chalkboard Sprinkle
Also in Pink, Yellow


Onesie Tree Sprinkle Shower
Also in Blue, Green



Baby Shower Brunch, tea, Sip and See Invitations
 Wording Ideas for baby shower tea, baby shower brunch and Sip and See baby showers.
Offering invitations to celebrate with the new mommy and meet the baby. View our creative wording ideas for your event.

Sprinkle Her With Love
Sprinkle showers
are a small get together, a family party, for the second baby prior to the birth. A sip and see or meet and greet  is for after the baby is born, and is a welcoming party or get together. (Think brunch or a tea.) For either type of celebration, the guest list should be close friends and family only. It is always appropriate to celebrate a new life and having a sprinkle is fun for all that attend. A sprinkle celebration is a great  way to share the mom's excitement about the new baby. For the mom, It's nice to have some new gifts just for the second one while creating those special memories for each baby. It's thoughtful for the mom to get some special homemade things for the 2nd baby. Sprinkles are common for mother's that have a girl and now are having a boy (or visa versa) and while the big items such as strollers are not needed the little things like baby essentials, (think diapers and wipes) are almost always appreciated for the second baby. Gift registries are not needed for a sprinkle. If the mother has a child that is a lot older and no longer has the baby gear from the first child, then consider having a baby shower and not a sprinkle.

Creative Sprinkle Wording, Themes, Sprinkle Baby Shower Ideas

A "sprinkle" theme, centered around sprinkled sweets, umbrellas, clouds and anything shower related is the easy way to have a sprinkle shower as there are so many party decorations and sweet treats that can easily be homemade or store bought. For the invites, we recommend one of our sprinkle shower designs with umbrella, or a sprinkled cupcake. What could be sweeter? (while keeping it simple)

Second baby showers or "sprinkle" shower is where guests buy only the necessities rather than having a full-blown shower.  Bear Necessities is a cute theme and easily decorate with all sorts of bears for the shower for second baby. Moms always need things like diapers and wipes, undershirts, bath accessories, and feeding supplies. Indicate on the invitation, no gifts but essentials are welcomed.

Expectant mothers with existing children rarely have a chance to relax. Why not have a Mom baby shower where everyone brings a baby shower gift for mother instead of for the baby. These can be items with which she can pamper herself, or items that she may need while she is in labor. Think bath supplies, lotions, candles, spa gifts, etc. Or make it a "day of beauty" for the expectant mom.Indicate on the invite, Let's pamper mom before the delivery day.

Baby sprinkle showers for second babies can be directed towards helping out a new mom after the baby is born. If you hold the shower close enough to the baby’s birth you can have a Freezer Party. This is where baby shower guests bring assorted dishes that can be frozen and heated up so mom-to-be doesn't have to worry about cooking. At least for the first week or so that she is home from the hospital. It's a very thought and much appreciated gift for the mom (and her family). Indicate on the invitation, no gifts but frozen meals appreciated.

Diaper-themed parties are popular. Guests can shower the mom with diapers in a wide variety of sizes. The theme can even be incorporated in the shower sprinkle invitation by using the wording, Let's sprinkle the baby with diapers and wipes. Also, a great idea is to add in the invite to bring a necessity item like diapers, wipes, etc and each person who brings something extra will get their name in a drawing for a door prize. Babies use tons of diapers!

A start the baby's library sprinkle is always welcomed as a baby and mom can never have enough books! A cute verse for the invite would be, One small request that won't be too hard, Please bring a book instead of a card. Whether Cat in the Hat or Old Mother Hubbard, you can sign the book with your thoughts in the cover. Your book will be cherished, well loved or brand new, but please don't feel obliged, we will leave it up to you. Or keep it short and sweet, Please bring a book in lieu of a card to start baby's library. We can print a bookplate label to include with your invitation so guests can sign the label and insert into the book for baby's keepsake.

USE our creative SPRINKLE SHOWER INVITATION WORDING on any invitation on this site.

Each baby is special so celebrate the second, third or fourth baby with a baby sprinkle. A sprinkle is can be a scaled down version of a baby shower or a big party to celebrate another baby. Make the day special with shower invitation to fit your style. A baby shower theme or grand decorations is not what a sprinkle is about but, it's always appropriate to send an invitation.

Our baby shower sprinkle invitations are all customizable and the words "Baby Sprinkle" can be used on any of the many invitations on this site. We can help you with wording, just let us know.

Get inspired by our Sprinkle shower wording, verses and poems including the siblings too.

Baby smiles and giggles galore
Erica and Bryan
are having one more
Big Brother Name has plenty to share,
This is only a "sprinkle" to show
that we care
Please join us to celebrate before the
little one is due and share in their joy
of baby number two!
Bottles, booties and diapers galore,
Susan is expecting one more!
come share in her joy
of baby number two before the little one is due!
We still don't know if it's pink or blue!
Bottles and booties and bibs galore,
Brian and Megan are having one more!
Big brothers Ryan and Jack have plenty to share,
But we want to show the new baby we care!
So a sprinkle is what we think would help them build their closet with pink!
You're invited to a sprinkle, date time etc
Kelly's so excited, she's going to be a big sister!
Come celebrate with us at a Baby Sprinkle for name of mom.

Please join us for a
Sip & See Sprinkle Shower
Kate Alexander come meet her new baby girl
Kasey Grace

Baby dreams and planning galore, "parents" are having one more.
Big brother Ethan eagerly awaits, a baby sister or brother,
a live-in playmate
it's a Sprinkle Shower

Come share in Lauren's joy as she awaits
the arrival of her new baby girl or boy!
It's a Sprinkle


The ruffles, the bows, the skirts that twirl,
this time, It's a Girl!
Let's Sprinkle
Name of mom

Big sister to be "name" wants you to know that
mommy's belly is starting to grow!
A girl or a boy? We don't yet know.

Come celebrate with a Baby Sprinkle
honoring "mom's name"
Baby smiles and giggles galore "parents" are having one more
Big Brother "name" has so much to share
This little "sprinkle" is to help them better prepare
The time is coming, It will be here in a blink
and what we know...It's that they need more pink!

Another sweet smile to brighten their day,
Another small hand to hold along the way!
Instead of a shower, we're having a sprinkle.
You may remember the first was a Mister,
Now join us in welcoming his little Sister!
Let's Sprinkle "name of mom"

Little boys are so much fun,
"mom's name is having another one!
It'll just be a sprinkle
She doesn't need a shower
A chance for her to relax
even just for an hour.

Let's Sprinkle
Mom's name
and help her welcome baby number two
No need for a showering of gifts...
Just a Sprinkle will do

Blankets, diapers, love, and joy,
(Mother's name) and (Father's name) are expecting a boy.
This is a baby "Sprinkle" to show that we care,
And congratulations to mom we can all share.

We are Tickled Pink and Happy to Say
Sweet Little (baby's name here) is on her way!
Let’s help (Mom's name) and (Dad's name)
welcome baby number two
No need for a showering of gifts....
just a Sprinkle will do!

Bottles, and booties, and diapers galore,
"parents names" are having one more,
Big Sister/Brother "name" has plenty to share,
This is only a "sprinkle" to show that we care
A sprinkle of gifts, or advice to share,
and the laughter of friends will sprinkle the air.


Let's get the set ready
 for the star of this sequel,
Instead of a shower
we forecast a sprinkle,
You may remember
the first was a Mister,
Now join us in welcoming
Nicholas' little Sister!


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