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Congratulations! Expecting a baby is so exciting!
Being pregnant is probably the most exciting time in a woman's life. The promise of new life brings so much joy and fulfillment. Looking for a cute and fun way to announce your pregnancy news to the world? Find some great ideas here! Announce your pregnancy to your friends and family with these unique pregnancy announcement cards available in a variety of styles to surprise your friends with the good news!


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A unique way to announce your pregnancy with our broadway theater custom tickets.
Prices range from 1.35- 1.59
depending on quantity ordered.
A unique way to announce your pregnancy with our custom tickets.
Prices range from 1.35- 1.59
depending on quantity ordered.
A unique way to announce your pregnancy with our custom tickets.
Prices range from 1.35- 1.59
depending on quantity ordered.

Personalized Pregnancy Announcement Cards in many themes and styles. Unique Ticket Style Pregnancy Announcements and Photo Cards.

Baby Bump? Pregnant? Share your terrific news with your friends and family by sending a pregnancy announcement or
we're expecting announcement. Let your older children share in the excitement of your pregnancy! The wording is completely custom and you can have the card worded to be from a sibling announcing that a new baby brother or sister is on the way! From cute baby animals designs to fun polka dots and stripes, our collection of Pregnancy Announcements and cute wording ideas makes it easy to find the perfect way to share the news of your expanding family. Little Angel Announcement offers exclusive pregnancy announcements that are unique and affordable for today's mommy to be and parents to be. Create a custom pregnancy announcement using our creative pregnancy announcement poems.

For more themes, visit our Baby Shower Invitations and Gender Reveal Party Invitations
as any items can be used as a Pregnancy Announcement.
There is only one thing more exciting than finding out you’re expecting and that's sharing the happy news! View our creative, trendy, new, adorable, cute, original, unique, fresh, traditional, modern, fun, and affordable designs in our exclusive collection of Pregnancy Announcements. Our pregnancy card themes include: Pink Dress, Blue Overalls, Baby Laundry, Owl, Jungle, Safari, Baby Animals, Bird, Sailboat, Polka dots and Stripes, Frog & Snail, Elephant, Giraffe, Teddy Bear, Red Wagon, Baby Blocks, Cupcake, Ladybug and more. We've got cute pregnancy wording on each card to make it easy for you to select one that fits your style.

Popular Pregnancy announcement themes: Prince, Princess, Firefighter, Ladybug, Baby Girl, Baby Boy

Pregnancy Announcement Tips:
Be sure to include your due date and names of parents /siblings.
If you know the baby's name and you want to share the news, you could include it too.

Need cute ideas on verses or wording for your pregnancy announcement cards?
Get inspired by these creative pregnancy wording ideas and create your own unique verse for your personal pregnancy announcement. Remember, we have lots more designs on our Baby Shower Page!

Pregnancy Wording Ideas:
Pregnancy announcement for girl
Pregnancy announcement for boy
Pregnancy announcement for twins
Pregnancy Announcement for boy or girl
Pregnancy announcement from sibling, big sister or big brother.

Pregnancy Announcement Verses and Wording Ideas
Our home is about to grow
by two feet!
We are expecting our first
baby in June.
We'll keep you posted...
Jan and Mark Matthews
The special time has arrived,
For us to share our big surprise
You can expect a bundle of joy,
For we are having a baby boy
There's a baby on the way,
a new bundle of joy,
a very special gift,
a baby boy!
The anticipated arrival date is:
Another sweet smile to brighten our day,
Another small hand to hold along the way!
We joyfully announce we are expecting another baby!
Parents names
Due date
A new hand to hold
Someone to laugh with, learn with and love
my brother, my friend...
Jaden has a new baby brother on the way!
Little boys/girls are so much fun,
We thought we'd have another one!
Our due date is June 1, 2015.
Parents names
I'm as happy as can be because
I'm going to have a new baby sister to play with me!
Mommy and Daddy are excited too,
We couldn't wait to share the news with you!
Two peas in a pod,
Two bundles of joy,
Twins are in the way
Girls or Boys?
We'll have to wait until the big day!
We are excited to announce
we are expecting Twins!!
Baby Williams is on the way!
A brother or sister for Jessie
will arrive in June of 2015.
Excited parents:
Little red wagons,
Toy cars & trucks,
Bouncing balls & rubber ducks,
We couldn't wait any longer to say,
We have a baby boy
on the way!
The special time has arrived,
for us to share our big surprise
We're expecting a baby!

We'll have to wait to see
 if it's a girl or boy,
Either one will bring us joy!
Heard the buzz?
Paul & Alison
are thrilled to announce...
We're having a baby!

Baby Smith
is due to arrive in
August 2015

The best things in life
 are worth waiting for...

We joyfully announce
we are expecting our first baby.
A Boy or a Girl?
We'll have to wait and see.

A new hand to hold,
Someone to laugh with learn with and love,
my sister, my friend...

Whom to tell first, we couldn't decide...
So we sealled lits of envelopes with surprise inside
We sent them out, all on the same day...
To tell everyone we have a baby on the way!

Tiny pink dresses
a sweet little smile
Addie Marie
is coming in just a short while!

February 21, 2015
is the expected date
our lives will be forever changed
as we go from couple
to parents

Whoo, whoo...
Guess whoo's
having a baby girl?

The special time has arrived
For us to share our big surprise...
Our Baby Girl is on her way!

Due Date:
May 20, 2015

Babies are our specialty! You're going to be a mommy! While it's hard to wait until the time to announce your pregnancy, it's easy to find the perfect pregnancy announcement! Little Angel Announcements has an adorable selection of one of a kind pregnancy announcement cards that are customized for your special bundle of joy. Chose one of our many cute wording ideas and verses to establish your theme or be creative and use your own wording. Our unique baby announcement cards are a great way to announce your pregnancy and tell all of your family and friends how excited you are about the new baby you are expecting!

Our collection of stylish expectant mommy announcements are available in pink for girl, blue for boy, or if you aren't ready to reveal the gender or haven't found out the baby's sex, then we have neutral colors. Our themes and designs range from cupcakes, cute jungle animals; lions, giraffes, sailboats for boys, princess for girls, sophisticated damask patterns, or playful polka dots.

View our concert ticket style pregnancy announcements that are so popular! We carry sports themed pregnancy announcements that your husband will love. These unique and creative pregnancy announcements look and feel like a sporting event or concert ticket. You'll be amazed at the response from your friends and family. Create your proof instantly on line and use our cute wording such as: World Premier of the most exciting news of the year and Coming this summer- a new baby! Authentic concert & sporting event ticket announcements and invitations for your Baby events.

It's easy to coordinate your pregnancy announcements with matching personalized thank-you notes, return address labels to create a complete baby  announcement theme. And if you can't find what your are looking for, let us know.