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Best Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Best Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Gender reveal party ideas; cupcakes in pink and blue, Cast your vote

A lot of things have changed over the past few decades when it comes to having a baby. Celebrations range from the traditional baby shower for just the women, couples themed showers, casual family celebrations to the newest trend of the Gender Reveal Party. Where did this start?  The popularity of this type of celebration was spurred by Josh and Anna Duggar (From the TLC show 17 And Counting), who cut into a pink cake on the Today Show. After that, people started to host their own similar reveals.
Couples have been finding our the gender of their baby for many years which has helped with the planning of baby showers and just getting ready for baby interms of clothing, painting the the baby's room etc., so it make perfect sense for soon-to-be-parents to have a gender reveal party to tell their loved ones what the baby's gender is going to be. Gender reveal parties typically include both women and men and families. Often the expectant couple has had the baby's gender sealed in an envelope and only given to a trusted person involved in the party planning so that they are also finding out the gender of their new baby along with the guests at the party. Of course, some couples just can't wait or want to have that moment in a private celebration. This obviously makes it easier to plan for the gender reveal party. Often couples are having gender reveal parties in place of a baby shower and others are having it in addition to a baby shower. All of our Gender Reveal Party Invitations are customized for your event so be creative and use your own wording.
One key to a fun and successful Gender Reveal Party is to get your guests involved. You can aks them to wear pink or blue to reflect their guess or have them participate in some fun games at the reveal, picking names, advice for the parents, etc. The party's best moment  is seeing the looks of excitement and pure joy on the faces of the parents-to-be. Some of our favorite themes are; Prince or Princess, Teddy Bears, Elephants, Baby Footprints. It's easy to find party decorations without going overboard in pink and blue. Hang a pink and blue onesie for a cute idea. Homemade treats are also very popular- think cupcakes, decorated cookies, pink and blue candy, etc
These parties can be simple and fun or down right extravagant. Pick the style that reflects you. A casual party with no games or a theme is just as joyous when you are surrounded by the people you love most.

Popular Gender Reveal Party Themes:

Voting Booth

Set up a voting booth and have the guests choose their favorite names or what they think the gender will be. Let them wear a button, sticker, or beads to signify their choice.
Slice The Cake
Give the baker or a trusted friend the baby's gender in a sealed envelope and have them bake it into a cake for the big reveal. It can also be done with cookies or cupcakes or just about any sweet treat.
Bite into a cupcake that was filled with pink or blue cream to reveal the gender of their baby to their loved ones.
What's in the cake, pink or blue, gender reveal party invitation for baby's reveal Cupcake Reveal,  they're sweet and fun, perfect for baby's gender reveal party invitation

Sports Themed Teams

Make those guests commit! Ask everyone to wear either pink or blue, or provide gender-specific accessories that guests can wear such as stickers, buttons or bows. Think Pink Vs Blue!
We've have exclusive designs for basketball, football and an invitation that looks like a ticket.

Gender reveal Ticket invitations; Pink vs Blue, for sports themed party

Sports Themed Gender Reval Party Invitations
Have a half time reveal! 7th inning Stretch? We've got quite a selection of cool sports themed gender reveal invitation cause we can't get enough of a good thing! Field Goal, Pink vs Blue Helmets, Varsity Sports Invitation ticket style, Team Pink or Blue, for football, basketball or baseball party.

Pink Vs Blue; Football themed Gender party Baby Shower Invitation Team Pink or team Blue- Sports Gender Reveal Party Invitation baseball baby shower invitation

What will it BEE?
The big question on everyone's mind when it comes to the baby is "What will it be?" so bee-inspired gender reveal parties are creating quite a buzz. Classic yellow and black's modern appeal can be dressed up or down to fit your style.
We've have a what will it bee with a honeycomb pattern or a cute teddy bear with a bee hive.

What will it bee? Baby's gender reveal party  invitation
Owl Themed
Whoo? Whoo? Everyone loves a cute little owl. Any of our baby owl invitations can be used for Baby's Gender Reveal- just edit the wording!
Baby's Gender reveal Party Invitation with baby owls

Cute Animals
Remember all those favorite childhood stuffed animals that sat on your bed? We've got an adorable elephant in lavender, (when pink or blue won't do). He or she? what will your little peanut be?
Dressed in Pink Or Blue
One popular way for expecting parents to reveal their baby's sex is to unwrap a baby outfit in front of party guests.
Get your guested involved. On the invitation instruct guests to wear pink or blue. One of the most fun parts of a gender reveal party is seeing what everyone else thinks the baby is going to be. Decorate with onesies in pink and blue or a laundry line. See our cute baby's dress and overalls gender reveal invitation.
The BIG Reveal
Tell the world with pink or blue balloons!  Bring a large box to the party supply shop and give them the sealed envelope so they can fill the box with balloons representing the gender of the baby. When it's time for the big reveal, the couple can lift the lid on the box and pink or blue balloons will fly out of it revealing the baby's gender. We like our Big Dots invite, perfect for any theme. Our Confetti Gender  Reveal is all about Party! For a fun reveal that includes your guests participation-How about cans of silly string?
silly string gender reveal- cute idea!
Prince or Princess
A royal event deserves a cute party invite for that new little prince or princess. Have your vote by asking theme to pick a crown or tiara to hang on a poster or clothesline.Make your own cake toppers or serve decorated cookies. Decorate with pink and blue crowns, Tule and ribbons.

Sonogram Reading

Test the guests ability to read the sonogram by putting it on display and having them vote for whether they think it's a boy or girl by putting their name on a slip of paper in a jar. Then read off the names of all who got it right or offer a prize to those people.


Enjoy this article from the New York Times on Gender Reveal Parties
A Boy or A Girl? Cut the Cake
Published: April 7, 2012
Gender-reveal baby parties are a modern way to savor the surprise and share it with others, or perhaps just to enjoy it somewhere other than a doctor’s office.